Skincare About Someone this Holiday!

We can see how the hype of HIGH IN THE CLOUD (HITC) with Brian Rich and Niki Zefanya performance was last weeks talk of the town and we agree on that. But honestly, our set up with KIEHL’s which happens last week also needs some credit.

The set up is so festive and makes the holiday season feels real.

Visitors will be taken to a fantastic experience journey with Kiehl’s Holiday Pop Up Store –  SKINCARE ABOUT SOMEONE THIS HOLIDAY happening 21 November – 4 December, starting from the amazing set ups : all glow and colorful, customized skin check with the most advance Derma-Reader tool, and the GIFT station it, some custom and amazingly nice.

And now you can see that we have familiar faces coming and having a great time. Can you name them?

Worry not, the Gift Set are still available at their counter – Centra 1st Floor.

So let’s spread the happines.

2 thoughts on “Skincare About Someone this Holiday!”

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