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This is a story of two brothers with one dream. Costa and Paul grew up with a passion for design and when they finally reached the age, the two brothers went to study at a prestigious school for industrial design. After graduating, the two began their journey in the children products industry and applied their talent in top tier, leading companies in the industry. After a few years, they understood that their concepts and designs were loved by children and parents alike and so, in 2008, the two decided to open their own children’s product brand with fresh new designs. Thus, Benbat was born. The company grew and developed and has now gained a loyal customer base in over 30 continents worldwide through its range of fresh and diverse products.

Benbat’s professional design team are just kids who didn’t want to grow up. They view the world through children’s eyes and thus design products that fit perfectly with every age. With these products, traveling and activities become fun, entertaining and a learning experience for all. Our products are beloved by ‘children’ of all ages – from 0 to 100 years old – and are sure to make everyone smile.


Our products are specially crafted inside and out with safe, durable and easily cleanable materials, allowing maximum comfort. In addition, our products are manufactured at global quality standards ensuring your new product gets home safe and sound, withstands yanking, chewing, throwing and pounding, and most importantly, stays with you for a long while. Best of all – most of our products are multi-functional and encourage children to use different skills and senses.