Furla is 100% Italian brand & design with style that has made its mark on the international stage. A brand that has been creating-strictly in Italy-and distributing high-quality bags, shoes and accessories of essential elegance throughout the world since 1927.

Quality, creativity, joyfulness and contemporaneity: Furla’s identity and stylistic codes have always been fully centered on the primary balance between Italian artisan and the brand’s refined yet all-purpose aesthetics that characterize all handbag and accessories collections, where the concepts of functionality and versatility required by modern living are firmly bound to an everlasting sense of beauty and elegance. Moreover, timeless simplicity and a contemporary soul are exquisitely exalted by blending art, culture and minimalism into an eye-catching symmetry that perfectly portrays Furla’s spirit of innovation. Always strengthened by Made in Italy’s incomparable traditions and the company’s time-honored product know-how, this determination represents the driving force behind the unremitting and unconditional attention to both the product’s image as a whole and to the smallest details. Not only ensuring Furla’s unique approach to design but also a tribute to the highest quality, durability and reliability of each and every creation: meaningful essential luxuries.

Today Furla is considered a leading Premium Lifestyle Brand on the international fashion scene, motivated by an extraordinary quality/price ratio and by the major feat of offering its clients a luxurious shopping experience at a value for money. Available to you now at Central – Grand Indonesia.


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