The Launch of Miwa Jolly In Celebration of 65 Years of SMURF

MIWA Pattern launched exclusively MIWA JOLLY, a special collection to celebrate 65 years of SMURF characters in the global comic world. The launch event was held at the MIWA Pattern store on the ground floor of Central Department Store Jakarta.

The SMURFs are comic characters created by Belgian comic artist and writer Peyo and are world-renowned. The tiny blue humanoids led by Papa Smurf were “discovered” by Peyo when his comic titled Johan et Pirlouit La Flûte à six trous (“The Flute of Six Holes”) was serialized in Spirou magazine. In the story, Johan, the hero, encounters a small blue-skinned humanoid creature in a white outfit called a “Schtroumpf”, followed by many of his counterparts who resemble him, with an old leader wearing a red outfit and a white beard. The first full appearance of the Smurfs was published in Spirou on October 23, 1958. The Smurf characters proved to be a huge success, and the first independent Smurf story appeared in Spirou in 1959.

Mira Hoeng, designer and founder of MIWA Pattern, is an Indonesian child whose childhood was made even more exciting by following the adventures of the Smurfs, which in the 80s and 90s became one of the favorite children’s comics. The harmony and peacefulness of the Smurfs’ lives, as well as their antics, made a deep impression and became one of the sources of her passion when working as an illustrator who has worked in global animation companies.  

In this collaboration, Mira designed three motifs based on three prominent characters in the Smurfs story, namely, Papa Smurf, Smurfette and Smurf who is a generic character in the comic. “In my mind, Papa Smurf is a charismatic figure, a gentle and loving leader, and an innovator in the community he leads. As for Smurfette, who is the only girl, I imagine her as someone beautiful inside and out, cheerful, always has a positive spirit and is, therefore, the favorite of all her Smurf family. As for the Smurfs, they left an impression in my memory because of their uniqueness and cohesiveness, always cheerful, fun, always adventurous and never run out of ideas,” Mira said. Mira then translated this impression into the motifs she created specifically for the Smurfs.

Director of PT Central Retail Indonesia, which oversees Central Department Store, Hedy Djaja Ria, expressed her delight at MIWA Pattern’s collaboration with SMURF. “The joyful colors of MIWA Pattern’s collection, in my opinion, have the same breath as the joy and optimism of the Smurfs. So, I was very happy when I found out that Mira was the Smurfs’ collaborator in Indonesia for the 65th anniversary of the Smurfs character,” Hedy revealed. She also sees the collaboration between MIWA Pattern and SMURF as one of the global design world’s recognitions of the talents of Indonesian artists. He also expressed his pride that Central Department Store could participate in providing a space for consumers to meet the latest MIWA Pattern collection. 

This outlet at Central Department Store is the first outlet owned by MIWA Pattern. “I always appreciate the support from Ms. Hedy and Central to MIWA Pattern so far, and especially in this special SMURF edition that allows Smurf fans to find this collection and shop comfortably,” said Mira. MIWA Pattern itself is a Jakarta-based fashion textile brand that has been around since 2016. The name MIWA comes from the diminutive name of its CEO and founder, Mira Hoeng. All images in the MIWA Pattern Collection are drawn directly by Mira by taking inspiration from her interpretation of the goodness of the world and spread through motifs and quality products; in accordance with its tagline: “Happiness in Pattern”. Not just doing business, MIWA Pattern also has a social concern. This concern is realized with various MIWA Pattern collections whose sales proceeds are donated to various parties who carry out affirmative actions in the fields of education and health. 


Photo Credit Wira Dhamma Putra

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