Best Ways to Store All Your Bags

If you’re a self-proclaimed bag lover, you know the struggle of finding space to store all your beloved bags. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with these four simple steps to help keep your bags organized and within easy reach.

1. Add a Bag Cabinet
If you’re looking for a luxe bag storage solution and have the budget, try adding a bag cabinet to your closet. A glass-front cabinet makes a great bag storage option since it keeps your bags protected and makes it easy to grab the one you want each day.

2. Try Special Purse Hooks
Another great option to store your bags is special purse hooks. Hang them on a closet rod, door knob, or even on a wall. You can find a variety of styles and capacities of hooks which allow you to hang multiple straps or handles on each hook.

3. Invest in Shelf Dividers
Shelf dividers provide additional support and structure for your bags by helping them stay upright and in place. Place them on existing shelves to create compartments for storing your bags. It’s an excellent way to allow you to see your entire handbag collection all at once, including the small bags that otherwise might get piled in a storage container. Stuff handbags with tissue paper to help keep them upright and in shape between uses.

4. Store Behind Your Door
If you’re short on closet space, consider utilizing the back of your door as storage space for your bags. You can hang hooks or install a hanging organizer to store your bags as well as other small accessories.

By utilizing these simple steps, you can create an organized and clutter-free space for all your bags, making it easier to find and grab the perfect one for any occasion.

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