“ANANTA”, Miwa Pattern’s Latest Collection to Celebrate 8 Years of Infinite Journey

In June 2024, MIWA Pattern enters its eighth year of existence and presents beautiful, cheerful designs that can always brighten the heart. The age of 8 (eight) is often interpreted as a marker of continuity and is usually analogous to infinity. That’s why Mira Hoeng, founder and designer of MIWA Pattern launched a special collection called “Ananta” to celebrate.

Ananta is a Sanskrit word that means “Unlimited” or “Infinite”. It is also the word chosen for one of the many Vishnu, the preserver and protector deity of the Universe in Hinduism. 

This special MIWA Pattern collection was inspired by how amazing MIWA’s journey has been over the past 8 years with so many ups and downs. It is possible because of the continuous support from #miwalovers and the kindness of so many people.

She hopes that this special MIWA Pattern anniversary collection will remind everyone who wears it to celebrate every part of their relentless journey.

The Miwa 8th Anniversary event was held at the Miwa Pattern counter area, Ground floor. Attended by His Excellency Admiral Professor Jayanath Colombage and Madam Srima, business partners, media partners, friends and family. This event also presented a trunk show of the closest friends wearing the latest collection from Miwa Pattern.

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