Airport Outfit – Your Perfect Getaway

For almost 2 years, the pandemic made our vacation plans, especially to international destinations, have to be postponed because many flights were closed. Now, the situation is getting better, domestic and international tourist destinations have begun to be crowded. In fact, many people have bought tickets for holidays at the end of the year and even in 2023.

Everyone who finally returns to go by plane definitely will upload the airport situation and their outfit to social media. 

Here are some inspirations for Airport Outfits from Central Department Store.


Using pants and outer denim is one of the best Airport Outfit choices. Denim is a fairly thick material so it will make you feel comfortable while on the plane. Denim outer options can be oversized or cropped. Inner neutral colors such as black, gray, or white will make your appearance more classy. Color accents can be added to bags and shoes.


If your destination is Bali or other beaches, this Airport Outfit with a casual theme is perfect. With a choice of comfortable shorts and a top made of a warm oversized sweater, it will add to your look to be more fashionable. You can add color accents to hats and bags. For the bags, the backpack will make your traveling more practical and comfortable.

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This Airport Outfit is suitable for those of you who are on a business trip. Looks neat with formal pants but is still stylish with an oversized cardigan. Inner pastel colors will make your appearance more colorful but still elegant. For the color of the bag, you can choose a color that matches your pants and outers.


A comfortable outfit is the main thing for you who are going on a trip that takes more than 8 hours. Wear pants and tops (sweatpants and sweaters) with comfortable materials to wear to rest but still make you feel warm during the trip. Bucket hats can also be a part of fashion but can help to cover your eyes while you are resting.

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