Appreciation for Our Beloved Members

SHOPAHOLIC – Shopping Competition

The1Card Member and Diamond Society Member are one of the support systems that have made Central exist until now and have made Central continue to provide the best service. In order to celebrate our 8th Anniversary, as a form of gratitude, we would like to give something to our members. Through SHOPAHOLIC – Shopping Competition, we invite The1Card Members to compete to bring home the items they want worth IDR 8,000,000.

The event was held on Sunday, October 16, 2022, with a lot of enthusiasm from the members, but only 8 teams were selected and each team consisted of 2 people. These 8 teams competed to shop with a total of IDR 8,000,000 in 15 minutes. The number of items taken is at least 8 and must be available from each floor (GF, UG, 1st floor, and 2nd floor). There are 2 brands that they must choose from, Vivi Zubedi and Everbest.

With a total shopping value of IDR 7,986,000, Harry and Uzer became the winner of the Shopaholic – Shopping Competition, because they were closest to 8 million. Besides being able to take home the shopping items they took, the winners also received a bag from Everbest. Other participants who didn’t win, still got an exclusive gift from Central.

Eigfinitiy Exclusive Savory & Beauty

This year Central is entering its 8th year in Indonesia, where Central always strives to provide the best service for our loyal customers and the success of Central Department Store cannot be separated from the support from Diamond Society Members. 

In the Eigfinitiy Exclusive Savory & Beauty event, we would like to celebrate our Central 8th Anniversary together with our Diamond Society Members.

With the concept of an exclusive luncheon, Diamond Society Members who are present at the Premiere Lounge can also pamper themselves and enjoy services by Nail Art from INGLOT, Touch-up with Dior, Skin Check with Lancome, Fragrance Fiesta with Armani, and no less interesting there are workshop and wine tasting by Riedel.

By becoming a Diamond Society Member, customers can enjoy exclusive facilities such as access to Premiere Lounge, VIP Reserved Parking at Basement East Mall, Personal Shopper, and of course Chat & Shop services via Whatsapp and Line.

Especially on that day, a special privilege for Diamond Society Members they can get a cash discount coupon of up to IDR 1,600,000.

The support from The1Card Members and Diamond Society Members, makes us continue to innovate to provide the best service.

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