Batik Semar offers a collection of men’s and women’s clothing with contemporary design patterns that are rich in motifs and colors. This brand was created for the dynamics of the urban lifestyle. Batik Semar positions its clothing collection as more than just a style of dress, but offers a young, cross-generational, creative and confident spirit …



MOC is created for customers who care about fashion trend, modern look and fashionable style. MOC is a local brand under PT MEGA PERINTIS Tbk, and has been around since 2000 and now exist nation wide all over Indonesia. MOC can be defined as the set of human attributes and characteristics associated with the brand giving a unique personality …

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Batik Keris

Batik Keris sampai dengan saat ini sudah berkembang dari generasi ke generasi lebih dari 90 tahun. Dimulai dari produk Batik rumahan (home industri) menjadi pabrik garment yang besar dan memiliki toko-toko di seluruh Nusantara. Pertumbuhan dan perkembangan dilalui tahap demi tahap hingga menjadi perusahaan “terbatas” pada tahun 1970 dengan tetap mempertahankan kualitas dan warisan budaya nusantara Indonesia. Dari awal pendiriannya Batik …

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JOBB started its journey as brand in 1994, JOBB has expanded into a today’s Fashion lead brand. For those of you who is looking for inspiration about the latest clothing or bottoms for your daily activities, then you must have JOBB. It is now available in 10 stores and more than 100 counters in leading …

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Guy Laroche

When Guy Laroche launched his eponymous couture label in 1957, he had a clear aim in mind: liberating women’s bodies away from the New Look, towards a comfortable, understated elegance both “refined and discreet”. His designs marked decades: creations such as the coat-dress and the shirt-dress continue to be a staple in women’s wardrobes today. …

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