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Travelling Safe & Sound With Babies On Holiday

Last May, Central Dept Store and Playgro Indonesia held a talkshow ‘Travelling Save With Kids and Babies on Holiday’. The event invited mom Revalina S. Temat (@vatemat) and mom Rensia Sanvira (@rensia_sanvira) as speakers. Moms from Cerita Ibu Cerdas community (@ceritaibucerdas) also came to enliven the talkshow.

Moms looked enthusiast listening to the key tips in travelling with babies. Following are the key tips:

– One method that parents can do is ‘Sounding’. It can be done 5 minutes before children are fallen asleep. Sounding is when parents whisper to their kids telling them about the journey they are about to take.

– Other thing that parents must not forget is to bring children’s medicine and their favorite toys.

– For parents who choose to do a road trip, it’s better to have a safe and comfortable car seat. It helps a lot because children will be more relax and less emotional compared when moms sit them on her lap. And don’t forget to bring stroller.

Try to find stroller that is not too big in size, so that it would be easy for you to carry around.

– Most importantly, moms & dads need to be cooperative and support each other. So the travelling will be less stressful and create a strong bonding moment.

So parents, never be afraid to take your children to travel. When you have already prepared with the babies’ need, travelling will be so much fun!

We thank you to Playgro, all moms & dads who came to the event. See you in another Central’s event!

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