Buying the right school shoes is essential!

Parents, check this out before you go shopping:
  • Ask your child to measure their foot before you go shopping so you will know what size they need.
  • If your child is getting a pair of shoes that tie, buy the pair that is one size bigger than the actual measurement.
  • Make sure your child is wearing socks or tights like the ones they’ll wear with the shoes. Your child’s feet may swell throughout the day so if you’re buying shoes mid-afternoon fit them when your child’s feet are at their biggest.
  • Always try on both shoes and stand up in them. The fit will change as your child walks so make sure they allow room to grow
  • Watch out for blisters. If you choose a lace-up shoe, make sure you can easily fasten them; blisters will be more likely if they’re too tight. Shoes should feel comfortable when you put them on – not after being broken in over time. It’s OK to have a bit of heel space as this allows room to grow.
  • Take your time when choosing shoes – your child isn’t going to want to sit around in a shop trying on lots of different pairs!
We are here for you, we have each style to suit every kid’s needs.

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