No’om No’mi

No’om No’mi


Launched in January 2010, no’om|no’mi has a mission to become the new trendsetter for young men&women in Indonesia. Referrals fashion world we chose to maximize performance without sacrificing the identity of the wearer. Like our customers, the team behind no’om|no’mi very energetic, knowledgeable and adopt the fashion as part of a modern lifestyle. They are equipped with skills and knowledge to look deeper fashion trend for the modern man&women.

Under the ideology :
“Adventorous/provocator meet yourself” 

(adding your personal style) not trying to create something new but to maximize the standard.
Never stops exploring every “must-have” elements by mixing signature details and subtle surprices that brings flamboyance to the fashion connoisseur’s/enthusiasm wardrobe.
Each design have their own charisma and creating your own style.