Their Great Future Starts with You

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) becomes a means of binding between companies and customers, as an effort to foster a sense of community ownership of the company as well as a tool to harmonize business dynamics with environmental sustainability.

Based on this understanding, Central Department Store is committed to taking an active role in realizing the CSR program this year. In collaboration with Mastercard and Wahana Visi Indonesia, Central invites customers and the public to share for children’s education, especially in Biak, Papua.

Based on the fact that only 39% of children in Biak can read with comprehension.

The Covid -19 pandemic requires children in Biak to study independently. However, with the existing conditions and various limitations, it is not possible for all children to participate in distance learning. Not all children have a smartphone and not all areas have an internet connection. The books owned by children and schools are very limited and many are not feasible. These things are a challenge for children to participate in distance learning.

Let’s share your blessing and together with Central Department Store, Mastercard, and Wahana Visi Indonesia build a library and training for teachers and students in Biak, Papua.

How to donate:

  • Offline at Central Grand Indonesia
    • Every transaction using Mastercard credit card and debit card, you will automatically donate IDR 15,000
    • Cash through the donation box provided at cashiers, information desk and customer service
  • Online

Let’s bring a bright future for these kids! 

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