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When you’re unsure how to pull off the latest runway trends, it’s time to turn to street style. Street style is identical to simple daily wear, unique and casual style, but has its own fashion points that can be the center of attention. One of the uniqueness of street style can be seen from the layering and mixed pattern. Everyone is suitable to use this style as long as they are confident and dare to mix and match. Here are some references for street style:

For Men’s

Street style is the most appropriate choice to look effortless fashionable for every man. As simple as, just mix and match with your basic outfit in your wardrobe. Combine a patterned shirt with a sweater or bomber jacket, chinos, and sneakers. Or you can wear a hoodie layered with an outer like a vest and jogger pants. As additional accessories, you can wear a sling bag or hat.

For Ladies

Office OOTD with a street-style look? Why not! Prepare a long-sleeved shirt and combine it with a sleeveless jumpsuit and heels. The combination of a turtleneck, tube dress, and long coat can also be another option. For casual events, a combination of crop blazers and high waist shorts, and sneakers can be the right choice. For those of you who want to appear a little bit feminine but still tomboyish, a sweatshirt (hoodie, bomber, and sweater) can be combined with a mini or midi flare skirt plus your favorite sneakers.

For Kids

Street style is a trend that is also suitable for children. Combine long-sleeved shirts and short-sleeved shirts as an outer, jeans or joggers and sneakers. For girls, a dress or top with a tutu skirt can be complemented by a cardigan and flat shoes or sneakers. This combination will make your children look cooler and cuter.

Street style is very simple, just mix and match your wardrobe, and wear it with confidence. Find street-style collections for your family only at Central Department Store. If you shop until March 13, 2022, you can get a cash discount coupon of up to IDR 1 Million at Central Shop-Shop. Terms and Conditions apply.


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