5 Basic Items Every Men Should Have!

Basic fashion items are timeless items or not only following the current trend. Basic items will make it easier for you to look fashionable, with the right mix and match. For those men who are a little lazy to shop, you can still look fashionable if you have the following basic fashion items:


Outer is a must-have fashion item and it can be a savior for your style. This basic item can be used for casual events to formal events. There are many options for outer such as jeans jackets, hoodies, sweaters, blazers, long coats and bomber jackets. Always prepare the outer in the car or at the office, because if you have a meeting or a sudden date, just wear the outer, then you are ready to go.


Another must-have item for men is a shirt. Shirts with neutral colors, long and short sleeves, to flannel are at least every man should have in their wardrobe. Who says shirts are only for formal events, you can mix and match shirts with shorts and sneakers for casual occasions.


Many men find it more comfortable to wear jeans than chinos. But at least, you should have one chino pants in a neutral color like light brown or nude. Chino pants with neutral colors are quite easy to mix and match with other fashion items. Just roll up the bottom of the pants, to make your appearance more fashionable and suitable for casual events.


Unlike women who have lots of shoes with various color choices, usually, men tend to be lazy to change shoes. Sneakers are one of the shoes that you must have because they can be used for working, traveling to sports. You have to choose the models and colors that are quite common, making it easier for you to mix and match with your clothes.


Bags are mandatory items that need to be owned by men. Especially during a pandemic that requires us to bring hand sanitizer and spare masks. Sling bags are one of the basic fashion items because you can use them anytime and are suitable as additional accessories that make you more fashionable.

So shout out to every man out there! Do you already have these 5 basic items?

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