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Under the leadership of the second generation, Mario Minardi is undergoing refinement in many aspects. It continues exploring the best materials and introduces more contemporary models, striving to combine traditional shoe-making techniques with creativity and innovation. additionally, an ongoing development in know how that allow gentlemen to obtain the precise sizing, shape and substance for their shoes. As a shoe expert, Mario Minardi flexes it’s muscles in catering to men of all ages from 20 years-old to 70 years-old  in different parts of the world.

Accounting its flexibility, versatility and quality as its strengths, Mario Minardi has been exporting its collections to Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, South Korea and Japan.


A manifestation of the leader’s vision: From a pair of shoes to the world. In the foreseeable future, the brand also aims to be more than a footwear brand as it is expanding the offerings to men’s leather accessories.


Opened in 2012, The Mario Minardi first store is conveniently located at Kota Kasablanka and in 2016, Mario Minardi opened a new store in Lotte Shopping Avenue, one of the busiest shopping destinations in Jakarta. The interior is furnished by wood to leave an impression of a traditional legacy, but kept clean and spacious to evoke modern contemporary style.

In 2019 another new shop was opened for business, located at the heart of SCBD at Pacific Place Shopping mall, the store offers new experience and the new image of Mario Minardi.


A shoes lounge let the visitors enjoy the experience, and made-to-order and Bespoke Experience are available at their disposal.


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