Nine Square


Since 1998, the team of PT. Homeware International Indonesia (PT.HII) has been working with varieties of major retailers in the US, Europe and other parts of the world.   PT. HII is offering business solution to the customers that includes designs, sourcing and manufacturing high quality home accessories and furniture.  Over the years, PT.HII has developed a great deal of experience in “Supply Chain Management” for handcrafted products and is recognized in the business.  The procedures involved in “Supply Chain Management” include careful monitoring of “Quality” as well as “On time delivery” managed across the associated human resources.  A great deal of work has also been done to set the highest standards for ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative) as required by many of our customers.  The company has built up a wide network of specialist outworkers in each of the areas where the skills of the artisans are matched to the varieties of natural raw materials readily available in their regions.  These are done to accommodate working with all natural material that is indigenous to Indonesia.  In addition, by merging with PT Nine Square Indonesia (located in Yogyakarta) we have expanded our product ranges to include home accessories.  This affiliation is part of our vision to satisfy the growing needs to our customers.