Serge Lutens

Serge Lutens


Serge Lutens known as the creator of a vision through makeup, jewelery and extraordinary objects. His talent was fully acknowledged after worked with the greatets photographers of the time from fashion magazines. In early 1970’s, the famous editor in chief of US Vogue, Diana Vreeland, was unstinting in her enthusiasm: “Serge Lutens, Revolution of Make-up!” His success was resounding and he became the symbol of the freedom created through makeup, for a whole  new generation. In

1980, he signed on with Shiseido for a collaboration that was to enable the Japanese cosmetics group, until t hen unknown on the international scene, to establish such a powerful visual identity that it became one of the world’s leading market players in the 1980’s and 90’s. And in 1982, for the same brand, he conceived Nobre Noir, his first perfume, dressed in lustrous black on matte black, a concept that foreshowed the ubiquitous codes of the 1990’s While his first perfume marked the 1980’s Féminité du bois and Les Salon du Palais Royal in 1992 with their dreamlike décor, that Serge Lutens led his first true olfactory revolution in the field of perfume. 

Fragrances like Ambre sultan, Tubéreuse criminelle, Cuir mauresque… have since become indispensable, writing a new page in the History of Fragrances. 

The logical culmination of this came in 2000 when Serge Lutens created the brand that today bears his name and establishes his uncompromising style. Perfumes and makeup (“Nécessaire de beauté”), his expressions in this area, are marketed through specialized and selective distribution and more confidentially at the Palais Royal-Serge Lutens.