Bon Parfumeur invites you to dive into the heart of our workshop. Our eaux de parfum are made in France with love by remaining faithful to an ancestral know-how. Everything is noted like perfumers.


Entering a perfumer’s workshop should not be a privilege from another time. Ludovic Bonneton, the founder of Bon Parfumeur, has been certain of this since the day Raymond Chaillan, an illustrious contemporary perfumer, invited him into his workshop.

A surprising discussion, free of all technicalities, where sensory pleasure prevailed over complex codes. This meeting opened up new horizons for this great lover of perfumery: talking about perfume in all its sensitivity is in fact possible!

And thus Bon Parfumeur was born.


Bon Parfumeur perfumes are based on the ancestral know-how of French perfumers. Their reading grid allows a discovery and a sharing of the high perfumery.

Each bottle has:

  > A number to identify the chronology of creation

  > 3 main ingredients of the juice

  > An olfactory family recognizable by its color

With Bon Parfumeur, perfume becomes once again a source of encounters around creations made in France with love and in a responsible manner.