Abercrombie & Fitch Fragrances

Abercrombie & Fitch Fragrances


Feminine. Confident. Beautiful. Three words that describe our collection of fragrance and body care for women at Abercrombie & Fitch. As important as your favorite shoes, bags, and dresses, your perfume says so much about your personal style. It’s the first thing you put on. And it makes a lasting impression.

The Perfume No. 1 collection embodies everything you look for in your signature fragrance. It’s comprised of three unique scents that capture the spirit of your style and makes your every entrance noticeable and much appreciated. Perfume No. 1 is the first member of this fragrance family. White pepper, juicy tangelo, and fresh peony petals. It’s the perfect combination of floral and spice, creating a well-rounded fragrance that’s impossible to resist. Perfume No. 1 Undone is radiant and romantic. Floral and feminine. This blend of citrus, jasmine blooms, and a hint of vanilla is dreamy and decadent. Perfume No 1. Bare is warm, sensual, and enveloping. Iced pear. Orange blossom. Cashmere woods. All in one perfect fragrance. Together, these three scents create a collection that covers your every mood and occasion. In both perfume and body mist forms, you’ll want the entire collection.

We offer a full variety of womens perfumes that cover everything from florals to fruit-forward fragrances. And then there’s Fierce for Her-a feminine twist on our signature mens fragrance featuring blackberry leaves, peony, and beach woods. In addition to perfumes and body mists, we have body washes, body lotions, and hand creams in various fragrance favorites so be sure to shop the entire assortment.