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Fashion Show

Prestigious event held at Central Anniversary, collaborating with top Indonesian Designer Sebastian Gunawan, Rinaldi Yunardi, Biyan, and Vivi Zubedi. Showcasing their special collections dedicated for Flower Extravaganza.

Kids Fashion Show

Central Kids Club in collaboration with Glams Academy held fashion show as a form of Graduation. One of the curriculum in Glams Academy is to be a professional model. Kids Fashion show also supported by kids fashion brand.

Beauty Workshop

Activities carried out by beauty brands that tutor Central customers on how to do makeup. Collaborate with well-known MUA as well and during Beauty Workshop brand gives special

Cooking Demo

Our superiority is we have a very large area, especially in the Home area. Many brands often hold events, one of which is a cooking demo. By presenting a famous chef, customers can learn restaurant-style recipes and cook using products from Central Department Store.


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