POP MART, founded in 2010, is an industry-leading pop culture and art toy company. With the industry’s rapid growth, POP MART has set foot in more than 23 countries and regions, and has accumulated millions of fans around the world. With more than 4000 employees worldwide, POP MART has established offices in China, Singapore, Japan, Korea, the UK, etc. As of today, POP MART operates over 250 offline stores and over 1687 Robo Shops, thereby generating brand awareness and exposure among consumers.

POP MART, whose slogan and goal are “To Light up Passion and Bring Joy,” has established a platform of integrated operations covering the entire industry chain of designer toys, which enables designers to focus solely on their art. The POP MART business mainly focuses on global artist development, IP operation, consumer access, pop toy culture promotion, and investment in industry-related companies. The company has recruited various designers, such as Kenny, Pucky, Ayan, Kasing Lung, and Skullpanda, and launched thousands of fan-favorites to secure many loyal and high-quality customers. Likewise, POP MART works with multiple famous brands to create pop-culture products based on classical characters that appeal to fans worldwide.

POP MART also attaches high importance to supporting the development of the designer toy market. The company held 6 successful international toy shows in Beijing and Shanghai. These exhibitions were the largest in Asia and attracted more than 100,000 visitors each time. Through such events, POP MART introduces talented artists to showcase their original art on a larger stage, promoting a new enthusiasm for the development of the designer toy industry.