Young Miss Career


Batik Semar offers a collection of men’s and women’s clothing with contemporary design patterns that are rich in motifs and colors. This brand was created for the dynamics of the urban lifestyle. Batik Semar positions its clothing collection as more than just a style of dress, but offers a young, cross-generational, creative and confident spirit […]



The new interpretation of what we called the “New Prepster” or another word, reforming the timeless classics into current fashion must-haves whose age are between 25-35 years old. Alumnus offers a new mix of assortments, including Men’s and Women’s ready to wear and modern office sophistication attires by offering customers beautiful/distinctive designs, color stories, fabrics

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Sci’llabilla was launched in 2017 by sisters Priscilla and Debbie (Bi-lla). Priscilla worked in fashion retail for more than 20 years before starting Billa.  With dreams of reaching the local traditional handmade artisan from Indonesia and transform them into a modern contemporary clothing.  The brand started small from pop up and word of mouth promotion

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Vior Femme

Vior Femme is an upscale ready to wear brand, with an emphasis on designing confidence through power dressing for each and every woman. The collection cultivates a look of polished with a hint of effortless feminine. Known for making the most flattering wear for every woman, Vior Femme ensure everyone has an equal chance to discover

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A fresh new brand EPRISE is now available at Central. Made from the best fabrics to the color palette and the intricate detail that make every pieces unique, every design element is considered, crafted with care and finished to the highest standart. BRAND PRODUCT No products were found matching your selection.

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