Hallah [ha-la] is the new hello for our Tribe.

We believe as humans we are all connected and we all operate from a place full of love. We count the likes on our social media, count our calories, but do we count what really matter, our impact on earth? The vibes of this tribe is to get going. By choosing right alternatives everyday for ourselves and our planet we move from unhealthy to healthy, form unethical to ethical trade practices from an unsustainable to sustainable planet. We are active and activist at the same time. Lets say HALLAH to a new way of life – a life of #doingright

Hallah Ethos

  • Love, ï¬Âtness, environment and  doesn’t discriminate between any gender, size, religion and race.
  • We respect efforts more than results and celebrate the journey more than the destination.
  • We know the importance of role models in ï¬Âtness and transformations, we thereby embrace the change makers.
  • We follow same principals as that of workout learn, apply, recover, grow, repeat.
  • We work towards love and respect through making health choices for ourself and environment aka ‘No Hate’
  • We support every sport. No mater how you move we believe to move is important, shake it off!
  • We love doing right, we love our tribe, we radiate good vibes.

HALLAH available at Central UG Floor