NATURAL HEALTH ALL OVER THE BODY, is GRÜNLAND philosophy by Fratelli Berdin Srl.

Founded in Vicenza 65 years ago, thanks to Berdin’s brothers Giovanni and Francesco, it distributes every year over 1,5 mln pairs, for a total turnover around 25 mln Euro. Nowadays, next to Mr. Renato Berdin, the whole family is strongly present in the key areas of the Company.

Looking at the future growth next to well-known international brands, the Company has employed several managers coming from other well established companies, with the aim to share and support the new strategies.

The Brands GRÜNLAND and GRÜNLAND Junior (till 2008 even Biscotti), says Mr. Berdin, are nowadays in Italian shoes market a stable and precise reference in terms of Comfort and quality, and, as all the rest of the company products, match the best comfort with the actual fashion influence, research, design and innovation.

Our footwear is made with natural materials like cork and latex from plants; in winter we choose pure wool felt, ecologic and recyclable. The strength of our collection is certified by the quality of the materials used and from the high fidelity with our Italian customers (almost 80% of the potential clients), but even by the new and good approach to foreign customers, that generated important business during the past international fairs.

In Italy, Mr. Renato Berdin says, we chose independent retailers or medium size multiple chains, where the service of our salesmen is important to transmit all the features of our products, which still represent a high value. Our distribution network counts around 1.600 shops, and we are even growing inside the shops in terms of image with personalized GRÜNLAND corners which give a better overview to the brand and the products.


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