Inter Design

Inter Design


Since 1979, Interdesign has established itself as a first gypsum installer in Indonesia. Interdesign started the business in residential market and due to booming in high rise building projects in early 1990. Interdesign has grown as one of the best and well respected interior building products and services company. In 2006, Interdesign has been awarded by PT. Petrojaya Boral Plasterboard as the best and biggest applicator in commercial building market.

The group today, is made up of three companies and has shown significant growth and this is direct result of our reputation for integrity, reliablity, quality, committment and professionalism.

Our reputation has been recognized by International market with our participation in Dubai Internation Airport, one prestigious villa in Abu Dhabi and Ritz Calton Dubai.

To spearhead the Interdesign groups entry into the building and construction industry, Interdesign Group has join venture with TSI VENTURES Sdn Bhd Malaysia in 1997 to create synergy effect that will give strong position to the group in ASEAN and Middle East Region.

The group currently has over 280 employees. It also employs indirectly through labour subcontractor in excess of 800 skilled, semi skilled and general workers in order to be the leading provider of architectural product and specialized services to the building and construction industry.


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