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Terms & Conditions The 1 Card member

To obtain and use The 1 Card, I acknowledge and agree to the following terms and condition :
  • I hereby request PT. Central Retail Indonesia ("Company") to issue The 1 Card ("Card") including any replacement Card to me until I cancel The 1 Card by written notice.
  • I agree and consent that all personal data provided herein and all information arising from my subsequent transaction(s) using The 1 Card ("Data") are the property of the Company.
  • I acknowledge that the Data collected by the Company is for developing of products and services by the retailer serving the Card member; the Company will use the Data in compliance with the purpose of the 1 Card utilizing and for providing the best card related benefit under the scope and criteria specified by the Company.
  • I agree and consent for the Company to disclose, use or exchange the Data with other persons to the extent that permissible by law and benefecial to me.
  • In case of dispute regarding points earned, I agree and consent that the company has the sole right to investigate and adjust the points for no more than 6 month retroactively. The Company decision making is final.
  • I acknowledge that any marketing-related offers can vary from one Card member to another in which these targeted offers depend on purchase history of each member, promotional program of each product and/or marketing policy of the Company.
  • I agree and accept the conditions that should I return any purchased item to any retailer I have to reimburse the collected points and the redemption rewards or pay the same cash value to the Company.
  • I acknowledge and agree that the Company has the right to decline this Card-application or cancel The 1 Card without having to either give reason or return the application.
  • I accept to abide by terms and condition of The 1 Card member's agreement specified by the Company at the time submitting this application and as amended from time to time without prior notice.
  • I agree and accept that the Company has the sole right to make any changes to Card usage conditions, reward earning, reward redemption and any other right provided to The 1 Cardholder without prior notice. Should any dispute arise in relation to this, the Company's decision is final.
  • This card is the property of PT. Central Retail Indonesia. The company reserves the right to cancel this card and modify privileges without prior notice.
  • I hereby sign this application to apply for and request to use the services and/or any other privileges specified in this application or to be agreed upon in the future with The 1 Card through any channel in accordance with the following terms and conditions. (In the event of our marketing communication/approach, the company shall utilize your latest information given.)
  • PT. Central Retail Indonesia is not responsible for any issues arise upon the utilization of The 1 Card done by the non-cardholder member.
  • In case of customer loses his/her the 1 Card, customer is encouraged to inform to Customer Service on 2nd floor to process a new card. The 1 Card replacement fee is IDR 50,000,-. The fee does not apply to Diamond Society Cardholder.
  • In case of any dispute, it will be settled amicably. If amicable agreement is not achieved, any issues will be resolved by the South Jakarta District Court to the Law in force in The Republic of Indonesia.
By submitting this form, I agree with Central The 1 Card's terms & conditions above.