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Central X Blibli Festive Ramadan 2021

April 2021 | Central Department Store

During the Covid 19 pandemic, many habits have changed, one of them is shopping. We all need to stay at home, work from home, and also makes us shop from. This is what makes the retail world adapt in providing the best service for its customers. Central Department Store, as one of the best retailers that has been around since 2014, continues to improve the Central at Your Home service where customers can shop from anywhere and anytime. Closing 2020, to make it easier for customers to shop Central join one of the best e-commerce in Indonesia,

"This year is the second year we will welcome the month of Ramadan in the midst of a pandemic situation. Without realizing it, this situation also makes us stronger, more creative and innovative. The pandemic that occurred made Central strengthen our Omni channel, starting from 2018, the first time we made a shopping service via WhatsApp, customers can drive thru from the Central lobby, for those who still afraid to leave the house, we can come directly with orders and customers can try at home through the Central Home Personal Shopper service, actively collaborating with brands to make Live on Instagram, and the last one is joining as an official store at, ”said Hedy Djaja Ria, Director of Central Department Store.

In welcoming the holy month of Ramadan this year, Central Department Store has the opportunity to collaborate with in the annual Central Festive Ramadan event. The launching of Muslim fashion collection from a local designer entitled "Naturally Enchanting", this year the designers created a more casual collection, but the luxury of this collection can be seen from the choice of materials and motifs making it suitable for use for other formal events.

Desey Muharlina Bungsu, VP Fashion Muslim, Logam Mulia and Blibli Hasanah said, "Blibli is very pleased to be collaborating with the Central Department Store to meet customer needs in the month of Ramadan. We see that people will be more optimistic about Ramadan this time because they are used to doing online activities. Therefore, the presence of a choice of quality outfits from Central in the Blibli application can make it easier for them to buy Eid clothes or choose hampers to give to their family and relatives”.

“This Muslim fashion product launched by Central can be enjoyed exclusively by customers throughout Indonesia at Blibli, which is the only online partner for the Central Department Store. Customers can get work from local designers who are very passionate about Muslim clothing, such as Rosie Rahmadi and Anggiasari Mawardi. In addition, customers can enjoy a pleasant shopping experience in the Blibli digital ecosystem, such as fast delivery services, free shipping, complete payment options, and 15 days return service, ” Desey concluded.

Opening a series of Central X Blibli Festive Ramadan, with virtual press conferences and showcasing Ramadan Collection by joining designers such as Anggia Handmade, Cultura by Yusak Maulana, Kami, Muhammad Bayu, Onii-san, Rosie Rahmadi, Rosie Rahmadi Homme, Slouche | Swank, Vivi Zubedi.

"Central is very happy and proud to be a place for local Indonesian designers. We have prepared a special area for local male brands on the 1st floor and local women's brands on the UG floor. We support these local brands by publishing them on all of Central's social media and our omni channels. , one of which is in Central embraces local brands to jointly advance and develop through this pandemic, "said Hedy Djaja Ria.

Central Festive Ramadan 2021 also presents a series of events that can be followed online, including Designer Talks (ngabuburit with Ramadan designers) and Cooking Workshop (together with brands making Ramadan dishes). All activities can be followed by every customer via Instagram @centralstoreid. In addition, customers will also be spoiled with attractive promos such as shopping discounts of up to IDR 300,000 at the Blibli official store, vouchers up to IDR 1,200,000 using a BCA credit card or Mastercard Indonesia and additional points for Central The 1 Card members for purchases at Central Grand Indonesia and Central Chat & Shop.

Visit and find your Ramadan collection for this year at our official store at, Central Grand Indonesia and Central Chat & Shop.


Central Ramadan Collection 2021 is available on and Central Department Store, UG and 1st floors.


Anggia Handmade

2021 is a year of hope for a better life and a year of change for us. Anggia Handmade in 2021 will issue a fashion collection with geometric embroidery, both in evening wear and daily wear.

The collection of Muslim clothing which is a mainstay in the month of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr 1442 Hijriyah this time Anggia Handmade issued a Gallant theme. Gallant means toughness in elegance. The toughness here is expressed in geometric details in the form of a combination of lines and dots. This collection is inspired by the Sumba weaving motif, which has bold motifs that are embodied in a feminine, nude, off white and dusty color palette. Gallant is made in Classic Elegant style and features A. Material Organza, Tulle, Chiffone silhouettes. Details in the form of sumba geometric embroidery.

Cultura by Yusak Maulana

Ramadan collection from Culltura by Yusak Maulana with the theme ReproRetro. The Repro is taken from - reuse of fabric waste, while Retro - a 90s look that complements the collection. Cultura by Yusak Maulana uses traditional Indonesian fabrics, such as contemporary stamped batik, ikat, plain and abstract cotton threads, jacquard fabrics with houndstooth motifs, linen and polyester. The colors of the Repro Retro collection are black and white, gray, maroon, dark blue and especially for this season we invite male customers to wear bright colors like green and yellow.

Since 2019, we've reduced fabric waste from previous collections, reusing and recycling it. Our new collection uses 30-70% fabric waste. Yusak Maulana is passionate about elevating traditional fabrics to a simpler look and has been a hallmark of our brand since 2010. By simplifying the look, young people can wear our collections in a casual way.


The modest clothing brand in Indonesia has released its newest collection again to welcome Ramadan and Idul Fitri 1442 H. In this series of Ramadan and Raya collections, Kami. issued a collection with a selection of themes that still adapt to the current pandemic conditions, both from the design of the motifs, clothing models to the materials used. The collection, which is named "JANIKA LYNNA", will later be available at the Central Department Store.

The JANIKA collection series is inspired by the simplicity of Scandinavian clothing and Nordic art. Nadya Karina, Our Creative Director & Co-Founder, explained the meaning of this new collection. "LYNNA or 'linden tree' is a motif inspired by folklore that symbolizes grace and peace," said Karin. The repetition in the JANIKA LYNNA motif appears very emphatic. According to Karin, the intricate silhouettes make this collection of mixed patterns even more magnificent to wear on big celebrations like Eid.

The entire JANIKA LYNNA collection, which will be sold at the Central Department Store, comes in four models, consisting of top, tunic and dress. The JANIKA LYNNA collection has a variety of choices that are tailored to customer needs, including, namely, Kheira top, Mora tunic, Mishira dress, and Aelin dress which are a category of dresses with a breastfeeding-friendly model. Dominated by a touch of bluish-gray, ruby ​​red, cream, navy blue, and dusty green, the material for the JANIKA LYNNA collection uses dobby and also a mixture of dobby and poly crepe. The interesting thing about this collection is that there is a mixture of patterns in a variety of different motifs and colors in one shirt, which is sewn into a rich, harmonious piece of design. Other than that,

"Through this JANIKA LYNNA Eid collection, We. trying to present a collection that is comfortable, beautiful, and gives a new and different impression from previous Raya collections that we have ever had. take it out. And this whole collection is perfect for our customers. especially those who like feminine, ethnic, and glamorous clothes, "said Karin. We. We hope that this Eid collection can be accepted by all of our customers. and become clothes that can add splendor in celebrating a blessed holiday.

Muhammad Bayu

The big theme of this year's collection is still the koko shirt with its signature collar. Long shirts with a combination of batik and traditional Indonesian fabrics still dominate. This year's colors are bolder than in 2020. Navy, dark green to be the choice of collection this year. Apart from shirts, there are boomber jackets made from authentic Balinese endek fabrics that can be combined with a plain white koko shirt.

In 2021, it will be special because this is the first time Muhammad Bayu has produced and drew his own batik pattern on a piece of cloth, and made it a simple hand-written batik inspired by the Disney film entitled RAYA. The concept and story about water attracts the heart to create batik motifs resembling water that are light, simple and suitable for those of you who are lovers of simple things.


Back to Easy of Festive wear is a Ramadan collection from Onii-san. Using 100% cotton fabrics from Dobby and Line, a collection dominated by white, gray and sand colors is the right choice for this year's Ramadan. Onii-san, a brand from Indonesian designer Abo Haryanto, is focusing on more detailed fabric textures for this year's collection.

Rosie Rahmadi

Rosie Rahmadi's collection this time is entitled SEREIN which is taken from French which means calm / serene. It is like rain falling when the sun shines brightly in the afternoon, which displays beautiful colors and brings a feeling of calm. Like the current conditions, where we have to be patient with accepting, waiting, and even letting go. Just surrender to God, completely surrender yourself. All we can do is be present intact at every moment that we pass.

"Maybe you can say that this collection is a response to the current conditions, where some people I know have experienced Covid, have found many wonderful experiences where when they had to self-isolate, they couldn't touch their loved ones, they really had to isolate themselves. That's where (they) had a moment where it was just Him and me ... and it can't be experienced by everyone, ”said Rosie Rahmadi as Rosie Rahmadi's Creative Director and Brand Designer.

This is what Rosie Rahmadi tries to convey in her Hari Raya collection on the opportunity to collaborate with the Central Department Store, Mall Grand Indonesia in Jakarta. On this occasion, we present 12 look designs consisting of several items in the form of dresses, tunics, Palazzo, skirts and Outer which can be an option for those who apply a capsule wardrobe.

Dominated by A-line and H-line silhouettes with sateen viscose, cotton and despo material, this collection features sunset shades, including gray, caramel brown, black, and gold.

Presented in Simple, Classic, Elegant nuances, this collection can not only be used on Hari Raya, but can also be used on the following days and other occasions.

Rosie Rahmadi Homme

This year's collection is themed "LURU" in Sanskrit means "to find", realizing that everything we do now is always looking, discovering the impact of our brands, finding better production methods, finding the best materials for our needs. Rosie Rahmadi made a collection that does not waste a lot and uses natural fiber materials that are biodegradable, which can become one with the soil in 6 months, this can solve the problem of excess waste that occurs.

A collection inspired by Nomads, who always find something better for life, better solutions, and better materials, we use natural colors, and unique shirt styles.

Rosie Rahmadi is an Indonesian fashion designer who is also a member of the Indonesian Fashion Chamber (IFC). He obtained a Master's Degree from the University of Indonesia, but then decided to pursue his passion in fashion and then graduated from the Islamic Fashion Institute (IFI) in 2016.

Until now, Rosie Rahmadi chose to focus on three brands from several of her brands, namely ROSIE RAHMADI, GADIZA, and PARAPOHON, which are under the main Gadiza Official Brand. Her designs represent the spirit of redefining standards of beauty and femininity with strong statements in her designs. He also shows more concern for the environment by creating a more environmentally friendly fashion brand that is very concerned about the selection of environmentally friendly materials as well as good supervision in the production process.

slouchē / swank

The collection took from slouchē /swank 1st Future Collection that addresses the current issues about the life is filled with uncertainty, such as depicted in the printed t-shirt “2021 Réservé” to stay strong and always convinced ourselves that we all deserve too many beautiful things this future and to be genuinely happy. Added to the collection, we are glad to insert the Ramadhan key pieces including Embroidered Oversized Koko, Unisex Embroidered Long Shirt, and Unisex Slit Cutted Pants.

Salvi Arzharael came with the very first line SWANK (@swankthelabel) that also available at Central – SWANK started in 2011 after working several years at other established Indonesian fashion houses.

Looking back to the things that Salvi Arzharael as a creative director and his team has done at SWANK, that 2020 —the year marks the 9th anniversary of the brand he created slouchē /swank with the brand aims to provide the minimalist and simpler pieces that are easier to mix and match. Different from the first-brand SWANK, slouchē /swank is such a tone-down version of SWANK; less detail but still with the impeccable cut.


Central Department Store At A Glance

Central historical journey began in 1947 with the establishment of a small family store founded by Mr. Tiang and his eldest son Mr. Samrit Chirathivat. This business was later extended to 'Central Trading Store' with the opening of two floors unit in the new location. Here, Mr. Tiang and Mr. Samrit began importing goods such as books, ready-made garments, and cosmetics from the United States and Europe.

In 1956, Central set a new standard for retail business in Thailand with the opening of the first Central Department Store in Wang Burapha district. Central Wang Burapha was the flagship featuring merchandise to customers and pioneered the idea of fixed-price goods and services in Thailand. Vision to provide the best and innovative shopping experience for its customers continues to live within Central Group until today. With family ethos and commitment to bring the best products and services from around the world, Central has become the best and loved department store in Thailand for almost 70 years. On December 9, 2005, Central experienced a very special day. Central received the Royal Garuda Emblem of The Late His Majesty the King, in recognition of the concept as well as the Central’s operating business systems that are reliable and uphold transparency and virtue.

In 2014, Central expanded into neighbor ASEAN countries with the launch of Central Department Store Indonesia, Grand Indonesia East Mall in Jakarta. The flagship store in Indonesia pledged to embrace the cultural heritage of the two countries and provide support to local communities, and meet the wants and needs of modern lifestyle and quality products in Asia, offering only the best shopping experience so that all customers will carry bag full of happiness when they return home.


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