The current pandemic has not only brought changes to people's lifestyles, but also to the world of fashion. The fashion industry has also changed to follow the needs of society in the new normal era. Even though today many of us work from home, that is not an excuse not to look stylish and attractive. The essence of comfort, simple but still stylish, is the main thing in the 2021 fashion trend.

Here are some fashion items that will be a trend in 2021:

1. Mixing of many patterns

The world of fashion in 2021 will be filled with clothes full of contradictory prints, with a variety of color choices. The combination of several patterns and colors will make you look more fresh and trendy.

2, Fancy home clothes

During the pandemic COVID-19, many brands issued loungewear and even pajamas that could be worn for daily activities. With the comfort of the material and the model, this loungewear is one of the fashion statements that will continue in 2021.

3. Simple and timeless

Outer, jumpsuit, and dress are some items that will still be sought after in 2021. These fashion items can be mixed and matched and can be used for a long time.

In 2021, several local fashion brands join Central Department Store. These brands present collections that are comfortable and follow the trends this year:


One of the brands that joined in 2021, is a local brand that has a very diverse collection, starting from loungewear, dress, jumpsuit, tops with a simple modern concept and made of comfortable materials for everyday wear. Find a collection of Virtu Clothing on the UG Central department store floor.



Simplicity and elegance are perfect for describing any collection from AFFAIR. This brand, which is on the UG floor, presents many choices ranging from long dresses, loungewear, tops, skirts, jumpsuits with various color choices and unique designs. The collection from AFFAIR is very easy to mix and match with other fashion items.



Local brand Sci'llabilla presents a touch of Indonesia in its collections. The mixing of several patterns is one of the characteristics of SCI'LLABILLA. With comfortable materials for everyday wear, A-symmetrical models, and elements of Indonesian fabrics, it will make you look more beautiful and confident.


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