The Year of the Ox will commence this February 12th, even though we will be social distancing and spending the majority of our Lunar New Year holidays at home, there’s no excuse not to brush up for the occasion, especially with such a delightful selection of outfits and accessories from our CNY Collections.

Our outfit choices are suitable not only for Lunar New Year but for your everyday style. You can mix and match with your own outfit. With several color and style options, let's make this Lunar new year more stylish!

You can find our CNY collections from every department, luxury, ladies, men's, and kids. And the good news is, we have a special offer from our CNY Collections.

So what are you waiting for? Shop now and be fabulous on Lunar New Year!

Here are some option from our CNY Collections :



Kardina Andria Dress IDR 2.358.300 | Paul&Joe Belt IDR 1.575.000

Miwa Blouse IDR 3.525.000  | Purana Trousers IDR 1.499.000

Major Minor Dress IDR 2.750.000 | KYRA Bags IDR 5.500.000

Ans Ein Jumpsuit IDR 1.580.000



RIGHT: Esye Top IDR 948.000 | Sci'llabilla Jumpsuit IDR 1.299.000

ELLE Clutch IDR 329.000 | LEFT: Bateeq Dress IDR 599.000 | Sissae Outer IDR 1.799.000

Espada Belt IDR 320.000

RIGHT: Rupa Arupa Top IDR 2.199.000 | Ciel Pants IDR 615.000

LEFT: Bateeq Top IDR 399.000 | Sci'llabilla Dress IDR 990.000 

Hush Puppies Bag IDR 999.000


1st Floor


2nd Floor

RIGHT: SISSAE Jumpsuit IDR 898.000 Outer IDR 708.000 | DC Shoes IDR 699.000

MIDDLE: SISSAE Dress IDR 990.000 | Melisa Shoes IDR 859.900

LEFT: Prospero Top IDR 388.000 | Hey Boy Pants IDR 75.000 | Aixaggio Shoes IDR 659.900

RIGHT: SISSAE Top & Pants IDR 890.000 | Aixaggio Shoes IDR 599.900

LEFT: SISSAE Dress IDR 599.000 Outer IDR 349.000 | Aixaggio Shoes IDR 719.900

RIGHT: Prospero Top IDR 388.000 | Hey Boy Pants IDR 75.000 | Superga Shoes IDR 729.000

LEFT: Balloon Dress IDR 728.000 | Barbie Shoes IDR 199.000