We will be entering the year 2021 in a few days. Many things happened in 2020 that changed our habits and one of them is our shopping habits. Even though it was hindered by the COVID 19 pandemic, Central still makes it easy for customers to shop and enjoy existing promos through our digital platform.

In 2020, almost all of our activities broadcasted online via Instagram. This was done long before the pandemic and became the first department store that did online shopping via Instagram. The enthusiasm of the extraordinary customers makes us want to thank you directly, to those of you who have participated through Central Insight. Here are some testimonials from Central Department Store loyal customers.


Amelia Sugianto, is one of the customers who has followed the @centralstoreid account since 2018. Ka Amel likes shopping in Central, especially in the ladies and cosmetics department. Ka Amel is one of the viewers from Central Insight and has been participating in one of the Central Happy Quizmas Giveaway programs.


This beautiful woman whose real name is Ka Lidya is one of the loyal customers of Central Department Store. Ka Lidya is always active to participate in our IG Live and giveaway program. "Central Dept Store, in my opinion, sells brands that do not exist in other department stores and often to have discounts. The shop arrangement and the color of the lights make it comfortable, the vibes make it comfier to shop, "said Ka Lydia. Hopefully, Lidya's hopes that Central will open another branch can be realized soon.


Ka Mey is one of the viewers and customers who have won the Burberry Her London Dream perfume. According to Ka Mey, “IG content is good, very informative, and interesting. Central Insight is very complete in presenting information related to the content, the admin and host are very responsive, so if it is not clear, the response is fast. Good Job. " Thank you Mey, look forward to other interesting promos and giveaways in 2021


Ka Susi, who has been a follower of Central since 2019, is also one of the customers who frequently shop at Central. “I think Central Insight is very informative, recommending brands that are quite well-known and of good quality. Especially during a pandemic when people cannot move freely to crowded places, it is very helpful and the right choice to choose Central as a place to shop, "she said. Thank you for the input from Ka Susi to add children's brands, especially children's luxury brand choices.

Those are some testimonials from loyal customers of Central Department Store. Thank you very much for your support in 2020. Hopefully, 2021 will be a better year for all of us. Happy New Year! Stay safe and Healthy!