Without realizing it, we have entered the last month of 2020. Many of us are looking forward to December because the end of the year is usually the right time for holidays and shopping. That's right, at the end of every year, your favorite brands will provide discounts and attractive offers. Not only promos, for those of you who like to hunt for unique collections from your favorite brands, this month the brands will issue special editions in limited quantities.

Beauty brands usually issued unique and special collections at the end of each year. The products that are issued can be used for personal collections or suitable as gifts for your friends, relatives, spouse, and family.

These products are targeted because of their unique packaging and usually come up with different concepts and themes every year. Also, these products are bundled in beautiful packaging boxes so it becomes the right choice to be used as gifts.

The following are some of the brands at the Central Beauty Gallery Ground Floor that have issued limited edition gift sets with beautiful packaging:



Estee Lauder