Central Department Store always makes innovations and this time through social media. To make it easier for customers who want to shop from home or office, we made Live Instagram, Central Insight. Approximately 45 - 60 minutes in duration, through Central Insight we provide information about ongoing promotions, giving live impressions of products in Central.

Central Insight is a new attraction for existing brands, these brands can carry out promotions and give giveaways to customers who watch Live Instagram. Not only for brands, but Live Instagram collaboration also provides more benefits for customers. Customers can see and know more about product details, get benefits with the tutorials provided, and also promos during live.

Central Insight, which has been started since April, has received a very good response from followers and customers. You can watch Central Insight again on IG TV @centralstoreid. Look forward to our next live Instagram, with interesting information and promos that you shouldn't miss.