CENTRAL is Clean & Safe

We make sure that your safety and health is the most improtant thing. Therefore we have determined strict protocols to make your shopping convenient.

Before coming to work and entering Central premises, all customer must do a health screening that is digitally done. We keep the data and monitoring them. If there are customer who is not healthy enough or have a history involvment with COVID-19, we will excuse the staff to not come to he Central premises.

All Staff are required to use Mask and Face Shield. Every morning and mid day we will check and recheck on every protection measures that is worn by our staff.

All bank notes and coins is sanitised regularly with ozone. Therefore customer should not worry to take the money from our Cashier.

We have improved our air environment with air ventilation upgrade to make air changes better, this way, we may reduce the contamination effect.

We clean and sanitise escalator handle regulary, so customer will be convenient to go up and down our store.

You can check that we have installed hand sanitisers all around the premises, you can also ask to our staff if you cannot semms to find one near you.

We will reduce our customer capacity to 50%, following the government regulation. Our secrurity team will kindly inform if it is going to reach the limit.

We have installed and marked at floors for distancing at Service Points, elevator, entry and exit doors.

Collaborating with Grand Indonesia team, we have make sure that every customer coming is already temperature checked to avoid having ill customer entering the premises.

Our team will remind everyone in the store to use their mask ALL THE TIME.

After store hours, we conduct deep cleaning to our store, especially at the touching points.


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