Valentine's Day is an annual moment awaited by the couple. In celebration of this special moment, most people especially men are expected to give a romantic gift to his partner.

To celebrate this special moment  Outerbloom collaborates with Miwa Pattern to launch "Enchanted Dome: (Unconditional) Love". The event was held exactly on February 5, 2020, at Central Department Store, started with a press conference and continued by revealing product, where Enchanted Dome: (Unconditional) Love exhibited for the first time.

Limited edition products that are believed to make all women happy is a real rose that has been preserved so the resistance of up to 3 years, is placed in a glass dome, and packaged in the exclusive box wrapped up with unique pattern creations by Miwa Pattern.

Outerbloom and Miwa are very serious about this special innovation. Types of roses are used, for example, is an Ecuadorian rose with larger petals that bloom more perfect. The preservation process is also natural so it wasn't damaging the real form. Glass dome made of borosilicate premium adds an elegant factor as well as the flower in the movie "Beauty and the Beast". 

As the name suggests, 'Enchanted Dome (Unconditional) Love', this collaboration becomes charming and timeless and reminds us of how sincere love is presented in the form of flower which could last more than 3 years. So, not only the beauty of roses but the design of the packaging is also the one who made the Enchanted Dome: (Unconditional) Love is special.

Enchanted Dome: Unconditional Love can be found at Outerbloom, Central Department Store, Ground Floor. Available in three color variants: Passionate Red, Pastel Rainbow, and Charming Pink.  

Miwa Pattern and Outerbloom are exclusive only at Central Department Store.