In World Kindness Day which falls on November 13th, Mira Hoeng presents a new innovation with the launch of its brand character named MIYA. Miya is a cute rabbit that has a mission to spread the goodness and positive values to the world. The characters are precisely represented MIWA Pattern with a strong unique element, cheerful and kind.


The launching event was held at the Premiere Lounge, Central Department Store and was attended by Sunny Setiawan as the Managing Director of Central Retail Indonesia, Andy F. Noya as CEO and Trisnia Anchali Kardia, Sales Director LINE Indonesia. On this occasion, Miwa collaborates with LINE Indonesia to bring MIYA in the form of Line Stickers. There are eight kinds of stickers animations that convey words of encouragement in Bahasa. This sticker can be downloaded from 12 November 2019.


Not only with LINE Indonesia, but Miya also synergize with which is a fundraising platform to help improve the prosperity of the community, as well as facilities and infrastructure which have an impact on the surrounding community. Forms of cooperation between Miya and is making a movement to share kindness, through creative product campaigns using Miya character. Additionally, and Mira also agreed to create a joint campaign to raise funds on the platform

Let's find out the unique collections from MIWA Pattern only at Central Department Store, Ground Floor.