Women’s local clothing brand ODIVA collaborate with Lovepink Indonesia, a non-profit organization with a focus on the socialization of early detection and advocacy of breast cancer patients, presented a mini-conference "The Pink Forum". This event supported by the Central Department Store, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta is an expression of support, especially for breast cancer survivors and generally all women in Indonesia, in order to be more attentive to their own health.

This event filled with a series of events, including talk show with PinkSquad, Lakshmi Notokusumo and Lola Widyani that explained the ins and outs on the prevention, medical treatment, and post-treatment of breast cancer. It was expected that by convening this event Indonesian women can understand breast cancer and knowing the right way to cope with, and be sensitive to the condition of other people.

ODIVA also launched a new capsule collection consisting of statement tees, hoodies, jeans, and a denim jacket that has a message of support for breast cancer survivors. ODIVA helped persuade a local artist, Maga Faka, to collaborate to create a limited edition custom denim jacket for auction. Part of the profits from the auction were donated to selected health organizations in order to improve the quality of health services in Indonesia, especially for women.

There was also the Pink Parade, a mini-parade to invite Central Department Store customers to be more concerned about the condition of their body and do regular checks either independently or clinical.

The success of this event can also be a support for fashion brands and local platforms to be further consolidating its position in the country. Central Department Store fully supports this event, as a place for ODIVA and as proof of concern for every woman.