A P P L Y   A N N U A L   M E M B E R S H I P 

G E T   D I S C O U N T   F R O M   K I D S '  B R A N D S 

U N T I L   D E C.   2 0 1 9 



Have you got your little ones Central Kids Club' membership? It gives you privileges you don't wanna miss : ) 

Central Kids Club is an education & entertainment facility for kids age 3 - 8 years old located at Central Dept. Store Grand Indonesia 2nd Fl. 

in this place kids can play and spend their time engaged in safe, constructive and creative activities. 


With annual membership for only IDR 250,000 kids can enjoy play in the indoor playground, having educational activities

and also collective birthday celebration all in one place!

Even better, now you can get discount starts from 20% off from these selected brands:



Steps to get booklet voucher:

- Visit Central Kids Club at Central Dept. Store Grand Indonesia East Mall, 2nd Fl.

- Apply for annual membership IDR 250,000

- Get your booklet voucher for FREE


How to use the voucher:

Bring the voucher of the brand you are chosen and show it to the cashier during payment.


Central Kids Club operational hours:

Thursday to Friday at 10.30AM - 6.30 PM
Weekend & Public Holiday 12.00PM - 8.00 PM


For more information about Central Kids Club:

021 2358 0489 or kidsclub.gi@id.centralretail.com