C E N T R A L  K I D S  C L U B  N E W  P R O G R A M:

Collect The Stamps

 Free Annual Central Kids Club Membership & Benefits

At Central Department Store Grand Indonesia, 2nd Fl.




Have the most fun at  Central Kids Club, a new world filled with impressive experiences. It is an area that will encourage children to play and learn creatively. Opened for kids age 3-8 years old, this place will offer your children the benefits of: 


An indoor playground in a colorful atmosphere

Computer corner

Ball Pit & Indoor Tree House 

Art & crafts (paid activity)

Nursery Room

Birthday party* (For yearly members only)



With only IDR 50,000 per-visit, your kids can enjoy some of the benefits mentioned before.

And now, you can maximize the fun at Central Kids Club by becoming our yearly member. Even better, we have a limited offer of FREE 1 YEAR MEMBERSHIP .

Here’s how:




1. Get The Membership Card - Visit Central Kids Club with your kid(s) and you’ll receive this membership card





2. Collect The Stamps! - Every visit will be marked with 1 stamp. Collect 8 stamps (maximum in 3 months time) & you’ll get

FREE 1 Year Membership to Central Kids Club Grand Indonesia




What are you waiting for? Take your kids to experience Central Kids Club while you're enjoying your shopping time.

Any questions about this program please email to: kidsclub.gi@id.centralretail.com



T&C Apply


*Please ensure to always watch your kids while playing at Central Kids Club. Central Dept. Store Indonesia accepts no responsibility for any damage or injury occured.