C   E   N   T   R   A  L   X    W   A   C   O   A   L

L E T 'S   G E T  F I T

Pink Ribbon Act


October marks the Breast Cancer Awareness month across the world. As the second deadliest illness for women in Indonesia, this movement involves numerous organizations to take part in educating people about breast cancer. One of the companies that has been actively spreading this awareness is Wacoal Indonesia.


To support the movement, on 6th October ‘18 Central Dept. Store with Wacoal Indonesia held an event called, ‘Let’s Get Fit Wacoal Pink Ribbon Act’. Wacoal invited breast cancer specialist and also breast cancer survivors to share their stories. They explained the importance of doing ‘SADARI’ - ‘PerikSA – PayuDAra – SendiRI’ (a self-breast examination) on a regular basis, especially for women who already hit 40 years old.





From that session there are some takeaways we can take to prevent the illness:



 It doesn’t mean you need to be vegan & change your diet completely, just be thoughtful on things you put in your body & be moderate with the less healthy food (food with preservatives, food-coloring & sweetener).



It sounds cliche but taking this prevention will save your life. The study found your risk for getting cancers will decrease over time if you stop drinking. Quitting is an important step in improving your health.



Starts early is better. At least you’re doing it once a month.



Reduce the risk of breast cancer by being physically active for around 20 minutes a day.



Avoid stress as much possible.


After the sharing session, like the name of the event, Wacoal asks the guests to be more fit through Zumba & Belly Dance exercise with Ms. Mariyah as the instructor.

To show support for breast cancer awareness, young influencers and social media darlings also attended this event. Thank you so much

Gloria Natapradja Hamel @glochaw , Andrea Gunawan @catwomanizer , Karen Vendela @karbearv , Faby Amanda @fabyamandaaaa , Adelia Azzahra @adeliaazzahra97 , Jeanne Sylvia Lie @jeannesylvialie for taking part in this event :) 



After the fun exercise, guests are welcomed to visit Wacoal Pink Ribbon exclusive area that is located at Central Grand Indonesia, UG Floor. Here, they can take picture in front of the pink ribbon installation accompanied by guest DJ while checking out Wacoal complete bra collections.




You might missed the event, but you still can enjoy the on-going Wacoal special promotion during the month of October.


Support breast cancer awareness, better future for women.