‘Happiness is only real when shared’. You might have heard this quotes for quite some time, yet you never fully understand it. As for Mira Hoeng, she’s a firm believer that happiness must be shared. For the past years Mira Hoeng - founder of Miwa Pattern, has spread this positivity through her artworks. Whether it’s painting on a fabric, on sneakers or other medium, the goal is still the same; spreading happiness through art.



Having a textile design background, Mira uses her knowledge to help less fortunate kids in rural areas across Indonesia by teaching the kids drawing skills and helping them applied the works into different media. With her being active in a social works, no wonder if we dubbed her as one of the young local heroes.

Soon after, Mira’s projects caught the attention of Second Change Foundation (SCF). Second Chance is the first independent non-profit foundation in Indonesia which focused on improving the quality of life of inmates in Indonesia through continuous training and mentoring programs. They contacted Mira and requested her to become mentor for SCF’s programs. That’s when the collaboration started.



Special for Central 4th Anniversary, Miwa Pattern partnered with Second Chance Foundation organizing a project called ‘Flowers of Hope’, featuring 35 women inmates form Malang, East Java. They helped Mira to create a knit artwork of 1.5 m X 1.3 m in size that is being displayed at Central Grand Indonesia during fresh flower installations period. These women also created a knit pouch that are sold exclusively only at Central Grand Indonesia for IDR 300,000. And when you buy Miwa Pattern’s scarf, you can have the pouch for only IDR 100,000, in which all proceeds from sales result will go to sustain the program.


All photos courtesy of Miwa Pattern


Get it while it lasts only at Central Grand Indonesia, G Fl.

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