Photo courtesy of Mira Hoeng 


Last April Central Grand Indonesia partnered with KEDS and Miwa Pattern held a creative workshop of shoes painting. Mira Hoeng, founder of MIWA was the instructor for this event. With her vast knowledge in textile design and painting, Central took a time to get to know her better and shared story about her passion.


Mira explaining how to paint the shoes

What made you fall in love with Textile Design? Since we know it was your major in college. 

 Since i was really young, i love to draw and won so many competitions. When i grew up, i always know that i will be a designer one day. But it is in my college days, then i know there is a major of textile design and i knew it from that day that this is what i want to do for future. 


When was your first time painting on a shoes, and how’s the result? Was it always amazing as what we’ve seen on your IG posts 

 It was 1,5 years ago when i was so frustrated and desperate to have shoes with my print on it. Due to minimum orders from factories that i can't accept, i have to find  other creative way to solve this.

So i started to paint my own shoes and turns out so many people wants it too. And yes, thankfully, the result is always (surprisingly) amazing as you have seen in  my IG post :)




What should be prepared when first-timer is going to paint his/ her sneakers? What’s your tips & trick?

First of all, finding the right shoes is very crucial. For first-timer, it is easier to paint in canvas material shoes than leather shoes. Before painting the shoes, remove the shoe laces and start to sketch with pencil directly onto the shoes. Use Acrylic paint and small brushes foe easier handle.

And how about the aftercare? Anything particular needs to be done to keep the color crisp? 

After it's done, spray with transparent colour spray paint or waterproof spray for shoes (can be found in Hardware DIY shop) for protection. And clean the shoes with dry towel after used.


Some of the participants' result




You have a distinct character in patterns you create and colors you choose that people recognize instantly, it’s Mira’s Work! How did you come up with such strong characteristic in your works?

 I never really have a particular strategy about this. All i know is just paint without any sketching before. All of my paintings is painted with all my heart and i just let it flow from within.


We’ve seen you wearing clothes with your signature pattern on it, any chance in near time you’ll launch a clothing line? 

Thank you for your kind words :) Yes, will launch soon at Central Dept Store this year. Stay Tune :)





 "Just be yourself, create beautiful things with all your heart & passion and pray."


Any advice you’d like to share for aspiring artist to be successful in business without sacrificing their idealism?

Just be yourself, create beautiful things with all your heart & passion and pray. It has to be balance; if you want to be successful, you have to be able to sell your design but still maintaining your main foundation. It's tricky sometimes, but it can be done. Just listen to your heart, it will guide you. and Never Give Up!


Happy faces of the crowd


Thanks so much to our girls form LE SQUAD @mariakarinaa @monitapramelia  @jessycababyy @lorenlilmoi  @tamaradai

who also joined this exciting activity