Every year Central brings you special collections for Ramadhan and Lebaran from Indonesian Talented Modest Designers.

This year, we are more than happy to bring you amazing collections from 10 designers with various style and philosophy.


All the collections will be available at Central Grand Indonesia start from 30th April 2018.

Jakarta, 26 April 2018 – Central Department Store welcomes the festivity of Lebaran 2018 by launching exclusive modest wear designed by 10 designers. This year, Central Department Store collaborates with; Agnala, Cultura by Maulana, Diniira, Eri, Kami Idea, Khanaan, La Perle, Opi Bachtiar, Poppy Theodorin and Vivi Zubedi to create special modest wear collections exclusive only at Central Department Store. The collections are not dedicated for women only, designers; Opi Bachtiar, Yusak Maulana for Cultura and Eri Dani for Eri also created special collections for men. The complete collections will be available at Central Department Store Grand Indonesia start from 30th April 2018 until the celebration of Lebaran 2018.



AGNALA presents the collection with theme “Allegra” (Happiness Nuance) for their Lebaran 2018 at Central Department Store. Agnala’s designers; Tessa Fedilla, Sonang Nadia and Gita Agustina pick the theme as it reflects the happiness nuance that comes toward the month full of blessings. Agnala presents 15 looks for their collection. The look mainly dominated with pastel colors such as green sage, soft white, baby blue, hazelnut, and pink blush that incorporated in fabric materials from lace, jacquard and satin.


CULTURA by Maulana

Creative director of CULTURA, Yusak Maulana launched the collection with the theme “Uneven” for his CULTURA’S fall/ winter 2018/2019 that will be presented as Central Lebaran 2018 Lebaran collections. Cultura’s collections inspired by casual-preppy look of 1980s fashion for men. Concept for the collections is ready to wear for men that are focused on basic but expressed in uneven proportions. Meticulous details such as color blocking as well as pattern mixing from stripes and batik looks cohesive in the fabric material made of cotton, flannel and linen. Cultura collections mainly dominated by bright colors in combination with black and white.



Scotland with its regality cultural heritage inspired Dini Partiwi Ira, the designers behind the label DINIIRA. The designer presents 10 looks for this collection that consist of tunic, cape, dress with empire waist, mermaid dress as well as shirt and pants. The collections reflects the beauty of Scotland castle dominated with color palette from black, grey, broken white, green and pink. Elegance and glamour nuance are reflected by structural cutting and opulent sequins in several collections. Dini Pratiwi Ira also presents unique detail such as puff sleeves and peasant sleeve to enhance her inspiration that correlate with regality.



Eri Dani, the designer behind the label ERI presents collection for both men and women for Central Department Store. For women collections, Eri picks “Sanctum” for his theme as he is inspired by sacred place that give magical dimension that can influence emotion. How a dress can impress the person who wear it yet people who see it. Flow of volume reflects energy barrier that enhance the power of beauty. The total of 5 looks in this collection will much more wearable yet the silhouette will make people adore it. The collections mainly dominated by white, black, beige and maroon.

For the men collections, Eri pick “Solemn” as his theme. The Inspiration taken from the solemnness of praying, which can create a self-barrier that keep balancing the soul. Eri creates 3 daily look in in grey, black, broken white, and beige color. The look itself will make people feel comfort. It will be a great choice to be worn during the day, and wearable to go to pray.



KAMI or previously known as KAMIIDEA presents exclusive Lebaran collection for Central with the theme promenade that inspired by Japanese culture in the early 20th century during Meiji restoration. Meiji restoration is the beginning of cultural assimilation between west and east culture in Japan. KAMI’s designers; Istafiana Candarini, Nadya Karina, dan Afina Candarini combined embellishment details with lace to give statement and new look for linen fabric dominated with natural and navy color. KAMI also presents colorful embroidery details along with this collection that also wearable for any occasion. KAMI set the price range between IDR 1.500.000 – 2.500.000 for the collections that are available only at Central Department Store Grand Indonesia.



KHANAAN presents their second line called ASA with ready to wear concept. ASA will present the look that is more young and fresh with elegance nuance. For this label, KHANAAN will bring the theme “Dhara” means earth that inspired by Indonesian islands. The shape of Indonesian islands applied in form of pattern with embroidery technique with a touch of simple beading. The material used for this collections made by natural fiber such as cotton and linen with earth tone color. ASA creates dress, blazer, jumpsuit, outer and blouse that incorporated with simple cutting and beading to make it suitable for Lebaran.



Designer Irna Mutiara through her label, La Perle picks the theme “Andalucia Belleza” that is inspired by the grace and elegance of European lady. La Perle consist of 8 looks and mostly made of organza, tulle, and lace and dominated by bold color such as navy, red and blue. The designers pressured onto details and meticulous stitched for this collections that are available exclusively only at Central.



Opi Bachtiar with his label Opi Bachtiar presents “Arise” for his 2018 collection theme for Central Department Store. “Arise” itself is designer depiction of gratitude in the month of blessings that happens during fasting month through his collections. Opi Bachtiar presents relax silhouette that is made mostly by silk, cotton, crepe, jacquard and dobby.



Poppy Theodorin chooses the theme “Letters from Far East” as her inspiration for 2018 Poppy Theodorin premium Lebaran collection for Central Department Store. Flower strings from China – Mongolian with embroidery detail and patchwork applied beautifully in this collections. Color palette from green, crème, baby pink maroon and black dominated this collection that applique with embroidery that becomes the designer’s signature. Fabric that she used for this collection is crepe, cotton, wool and suede combined with simple hijab styling creates modern, classy also elegant yet feminine final look.



Vivi Zubedi, one of modest designers who has the label under her own name, Vivi Zubedi as signature line. She releases collection for Central Department Store that present modest wear with simple and classy design. Through the combination of many materials, Vivi Zubedi presents total look that is not only elegant but also sophisticated. In collaboration with Central Department Store to welcome Ramadhan and Lebaran 2018, Vivi Zubedi presents Raya Collections with the theme “Blooming Ramadhan”. “Blooming Ramadhan” portrays the beauty of Ramadhan that happens in Indonesia during spring seasons. The collections have the touch of calm color such as nude, baby blue, grey, white that is combined with flower petals color such as maroon, pink and purple. Fabric that is being used in this collections are mostly brocade with sequins and flower embroidery details that is mixed with velvet. The design adopts vintage mood that is applied in modest wear with various style of loose cut as it is more suitable to be worn for Lebaran.