Celebrating Indonesia's Patriot Day, Central has chosen 3 Indonesian designers that can be dubbed as Local Heroes. They make Indonesian proud with their creativity and also values they share to improve other lives. Let’s get to know Central Local Heroes here.




Through art & MAJIMA, Mira Hoeng becomes hero in helping underprivileged kids to access better education.  

About Mira Hoeng

As a textile pattern designer/ founder of MIWA pattern / founder of MAJIMA, Mira Hoeng is a woman of inspiration. As a designer, Mira Hoeng always believes in meaningful good quality products that have strong story telling to inspire others. This is a reason why MIWA’s products always have a strong story to tell. Well known for her colorful and playful aesthetic for MIWA pattern collection, her philosophy is to spread happiness through patterns and colors. Besides MIWA, Mira Hoeng is also a founder of a social entrepreneur brand called MAJIMA that helps underprivileged kids' education in rural areas in Indonesia.


Her Works

Through Majima, Mira is channeling her passion in art while helping underprivileged kids’ education in rural areas in Indonesia. She taught them drawing skills and helped them applied the works into different media such as canvas bags and pouch. These products are sold and all the profit goes fully to develop education in rural areas. From kids and for kids is the main motto for MAJIMA. So far, MAJIMA helps hundreds kids education across Tanggerang, Lombok, and Jakarta.


 MIWA Pattern by Mira Hoeng collection is available at Central Grand Indonesia, G Fl.








Cultura by Maulana bridging the gap between home batik industries to global audience

while preserving Indonesia’s traditional heritage. 

Who is Yusak Maulana

Yusak Maulana grows his passion in fashion goes way back during his childhood in Kudus, a city located in Central Java.  As time goes by Yusak has been perfecting his designing skill through clothing line named ‘Cultura by Maulana’, a brand which brings cultural look in contemporary way. Its mission is to create ready to wear collections that enhanced  Indonesia’s essence in international look.


His Works

Yusak stays true to his root when it comes to his work. Inspired heavily by Batik Kudus, Yusak Maulana is eager to explore Indonesia’s traditional legacy such as Batik and hand woven fabrics ( also well known as Tenun Ikat ) that are collaborated with the twist of modern fabrics in order to create wearable designs for urban men and women. Cultura by Maulana has also been participated in many prestige exhibitions and fashion shows such as Bangkok International Fashion Fair and Hongkong Fashion Access.


Cultura by Maulana collection is available at Central Grand Indonesia, 1st Fl.




Her success of mixing art & fashion into 'wearable art'  has been leading Rinda Salmun to international fashion stages

Who is Rinda Salmun

With her background in painting and designing, Rinda Salmun explores the correlation between fashion & art. Since fashion has always been one of her greatest interest,  she would use some fashion-influenced elements into her paintings. After finishing her Master degree in Fashion at Ravensbourne College, London, she decided to work for the best international fashion houses including Giles Deacon, Giorgio Armani, Natascha Stolle and Adjie Notonegoro before finally launched her own brand.


Her Works

Rinda Salmun fashion brand focuses on creating ‘wearable art’ for woman. Rinda creates and experiments on art forms through the medium of clothing for everyday wear. In her previous Fall/Winter 2016-2017 collections, Rinda took inspiration from shapes & lines made by Indonesian sculptor, Faisal Habibi. Her exploration doesn’t stop there. Rinda Salmun's latest collection that was showcased in Los Angeles Fashion Week 2018, explores more on elements of Yogyakarta’s Lurik fabric with modern cutting that were inspired by Javanese Priyayi.


Rinda Salmun collection is available at Central Grand Indonesia, UG Fl.



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