Central Department Store returns with the most awaited event throughout the year, Central Flower Anniversary Flower Extravaganza, which also marks its second year in Indonesia. With the theme ‘Floral Fantasy’, Central Department Store presents fresh floral decorations covering more than 800 square meters of space that spread over four floors. Customers will pamper their eyes with a breathtaking view of heavenly garden full of flowers while enjoying best deals and promotions on 29 September - 3 October, 2016.


Fresh Flower Decoration on Every Floor

Central Department Store decorates each floor with different visual presentation using fresh flowers and varieties of plants. On the Ground Floor, Central Department Store creates a vocal point similar to labyrinth that is embellished with curtain made of white dendrobium flower.

Step into the Upper Ground Floor, customers will find an inspired like hanging garden with a gazebo covered with fresh flowers from roses, dendrobium, hydrangea and other decorations as the main focus.

Still taking inspiration from hanging gardens, a swing decorated with flowers and plants ranging from Cala Lily, roses, sunflowers will greet customers on the first floor. Meanwhile, Kids Department on the second floor will have a white bear figurines as the main installation. Cheering up the area, the bear is all covered in a fresh white mum and carnation, while Home area will have a wooden park bench that is decorated with colorful and bright fresh flowers.


The Celebration of Central Anniversary Flower Extravaganza 2016 

Central Anniversary Flower Extravaganza 2016 will be featuring the works from maestro of accessories designer, Rinaldi A Yunardi, who are currently working on a new look that is specially made to enliven the event. The festivity also showcases flower art exhibition by young artist and illustrator Atreyu Moniaga on canvas size 60 x 90 cm with the theme Fairy and Whimsical. Even more interesting as Atreyu’s illustrations combined with fresh flowers of roses petals, orchids, carnations, daisies and purple cabbage in order to make the art comes to life. 


Enjoy the breathtaking presentation from Central Department Store Indonesia!


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