Fill The Skin Lipid Layers!

Dr.Jart+ Cellwake is a total solution that regenerates cells. This series will awaken the 210 cells constituting a human body to solve complex problems with skin. Intercellular lipids of corneous layers and sebum membranes on the skin surface will prevent evaporation from the skin and protect skin from external noxious environments. As we get old, metabolism will fall. When ingredients of lipid layers constituting corneous layers become short, there may occur chronic dryness, dullness, or fine wrinkles.

When the insufficient lipids are supplemented before main skin care after washing your face, you will immediately feel that the skin has become moist and this will improve moisture supply and nutrition through skin care over the convening

V7 Clinic

Dr.Jart+ V7 is a vitamin regenerating line, which regenerates damaged skin to original healthy condition by providing 7 required vitamins necessary to be absorbed.

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