While wearing dress shoes can be dramatically improve your overall look and appearance, choosing the perfect laces for the shoes can sometimes be tricky. Lacing your dress shoes wrong can completely undermine your effort, that's why we asked for advises from our shoes expert at the 1st floor. Start with the shoelaces: 

Thin round and flat round shoelaces considered as the most proper laces for your dress shoes. It will make your shoes look even more sharp and sleek. In the other hand, you don't want to mess up with athletic flat shoelaces. Like its name, these laces are designed to paired only with athletic shoes and will not give you a sharp look.

For the less formal attire, tie your shoelaces in a criss-cross style (figure C) may still be acceptable. This style may go nicely with a brogue and derby shoes. Pull tight so you can't see the lapel gap when tying the lace.

When dressing for a more formal occassion and formal attire, wear an oxford with stratightlaced or bar-laced. Figure A and B shows you two different ways to achieving this.