A scarf label that dares to dream,

Adrian Mesko, a fashion photographer for Vogue & Harpers Bazaar Australia, launched the scarf range in December 2010, as a passion project to give his very personal stills images a new life, a new sense of movement and texture, and a new sense of functionality.

Temps Des Reves means Dreamtime in french which is a mythological Australian aborigine concept. The logo is very personal - the boy represents Adrian at the age of 12 (just before he emigrated from Czechoslovakia) and the dog is his greyhound Ives. When Adrian migrated to Australia in 1988 his Dreamtime began... hense the 'established in 1988' part of the logo.

The Dreamtime migrated to Australia from Czechoslovakia in 1988, where his love of capturing moments came from his dreamtime to a reality. 

The scarves are 43 x 43 inches each, and come in both Silk Satin & Silk Chiffon. They are each hand rolled & presented in a yellow gift box.