High tea is a celebration of all things delightful, pretty, and feminine. The tradition goes back to several hundreds of years ago, when rich ladies invited their friends to their houses for an afternoon cup of tea.

Traditionally eaten early in the evening, the high tea combines sweet foods like scones, cakes, with savouries such as cheese or poached eggs on a toast. The tradition goes along and regain popularity with many hotels and venues offering high teas.

Here are some tips on how to host an unforgettable high tea at home.


Properly Prepare The Event

A high tea may involve a lot of preparations. Give yourself plenty of preparation time if you don’t want to miss the nice conversation to cutting up sandwiches.

It’s also wise to make a little bit more than you need.


Set The Venue And Table Nicely

Visual appearances are quintessential for high tea occasion. You definitely need to prepare the table with real linen, cloth napkins, and flowers. Use high quality tea-ware and plates like Wedgwood. Centerpieces could be a tiered serving of sandwiches, scones, or pastries.


High Tea = High Quality Tea

Loose leaf teas are usually best to really appreciate the true flavor of the tea. Please be sure to only boil your water once to maintain its oxygen level.


Turn Up The Music

Set up a good mood with turning up the good tunes. Gentle piano will do just great.


Invite With Style

There’s nothing wrong with inviting guests with email. However, think again about the excitement of receiving a proper invitation in a stylish piece of paper.