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This very morning we strolled around the Upper Ground level of our store and had our attention stolen to a rack of cute Orly nail polishes. Well, like you already know, we women are often hard to resist the temptation of cute things and these nail polishes are definitely part of them. To make the best out of them, we asked the beautician to share the secret of nail polishing, and here's what we got:

  1. You only need three strokes to paint your nails. Dip the brush into the bottle to get a decent-sized bead of polish on your brush and start from the base of your nail. Stroke brush to the left, right, and then the center of your nails.
  2. Base coat is a must. It makes your nail polish last forever and also keeps your nails looking glossy while in the same time keeping it from cracking.
  3. Make use of cuticle oil. The secret to make you look like you’ve been spending hours in nail salon is to use cuticle oil. Not only hydrating them, it’s also offers extra protection from polish breakage.
  4. Apply thin layers of polish. Rather than having one thick layer, apply three thin layers of thin nail polish onto your nails.
  5. Keep your nail polish bottles in the fridge. Storing them in your dark corner of the fridge will helps the formula to last longer and ready to use. And everytime you’re about to using it move on to the next tips.
  6. Don’t shake it! Nothing is worst than having air bubbles inside your nail polish bottles. Instead, roll it back and forth between two hands for a minute or two. And lastly….
  7. Always use top coat. Swipe to the very tip of your nails to avoid paint chips.

Now it's your turn! You can also have your nail beautifully done at the nail bar Upper Ground Floor Central Department Store Grand Indonesia, East Mall.